“Our wedding flowers were absolutely beautiful and you helped us make our vision come true, even better than expected! We had multiple guests come up to us throughout the night complimenting the bouquets, arrangements and the colours. Your help with planning our special day is truly appreciated!”

- Siyau & Roger, March 2019

“Jewel, you are a little angel. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all your help along the way. Planning for our special day. You spread beauty where ever you go. And therefore our wedding was filled with it. A million times thank-you!! Love: Steph & Adam xo”

- Stephanie S., September 2018

“You are so doing my wedding, whenever that happens! {Laugh Out Loud}” - Rehána, November 2018

“What a lovely arrangement!” - Yellow Canary Event Floral, Covington, KY, USA 2016

“You are creating a culture around flowers”. - Lauren Larsen of The Clarity Cure, Las Vegas, NV, USA 2019

“These are by far the most exquisite flowers anyone has ever gifted me. Thank you for brightening my day, I don’t know how I’d be making it through this without you. And to Jewel, you are such a spectacular artist. I can’t keep my eyes off these.”

- Carrie, December 2017

“Wow amazing job Jewel!! They are beautiful. I can’t WAIT for you to design my wedding flowers!!!” - Carley, September 2018

“Keep shining your light, lovely.” - Anonymous, 2017

“Hey Jewel! The florals for our wedding was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved their corsages, and our flower girl ended up wearing hers as a brooch so thank you for giving our niece the options, so thoughtful of you! The hoop was so easy to manage, I even held it through the whole ceremony…” - Stacie, November 2018

“You are so talented." - Sarah, September 2018

“May I paint this?” - Annalise Carlacci, Canadian Artist, 2018

“Gosh, I love your flowers and your photography style!” - Stephanie H., April 2018

“Jewel, You have brought sunshine into all of our lives. It has been so wonderful to get to know you!” - McGrath Family, December 2019

“I’ve always loved your style! In your art, your floral designs, even your Instagram has it's own theme that works with your overall style. ‘You’ really come out in your art and I love seeing that in somebody.” - Nick, February 2019

“It was such a warm welcome, [seeing your flowers] when I came into work today. Stunning work!” - Alexandra, February 2019