Mermaid Bicycle Floral Studio

I’ll petal for you!

I never imagined that flowers, something so ephemeral, would have such a gravitational pull in my life. Working with florals has healed my Spirit.  It has given me a sense of renewed creativity and energy. Flowers have taught me compassion, joy and what it is to be yourself and live authentically.

            It all started innocently enough. I wanted money for art supplies in my last year of university and I went for a part time gig at a floral shop near my home. I learned a lot and at first I was mostly answering phones, taking orders, organizing deliveries and washing many buckets. Before I knew it, I was buying a bicycle with a basket, so I could get to work faster and take flowers home. The Floral Industry was a new world I was quickly falling in love with. My life was transitioning and changing so much during this time. For all the very real joy that was had, it was in equal parts challenging, hard-won, filled with bittersweet endings and new beginnings.

            In my gathering of experiences, knowledge and streamlining my own ideas about flowers, design and my own creative process, the phrase Mermaid Bicycle became something of an anthem for myself. It procures a unique image – artful, poetic, even kind of awkward but fantastic and full of narrative. Embracing the artist within me is a definition that is constantly transforming. I have learned how important it is to own who you are, honour where you are at and to love the story you are writing for yourself. Remaining hopeful is so key.


Sharing what I regard and cherish as Beautiful.  {ABSOLUTELY}

Providing what I feel is Magic. {FLOWERS}

Being of Service in such a tangible way. {PRESENCE}

Honouring Self-Expression. {CREATIVITY}

Where the real root of it is Love and the result is Joy. {HAPPINESS}

Is what I am all about. {ENERGY}

As Lovely as Ever,